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At Goetz & Sons we work closely with our customers, using our expertise to advise and help guide you in the selection of the appropriate quality and the best market to meet your unique needs.


Linters are the residual fibers left on the seed after ginning. These remaining fibers are removed at the cottonseed oil mill and / or at the gin before processing the cottonseed for oil or to make black seed for cattle food. The type of linters are determined by how many times the seed passes the delinting machines. The primary use of linters is to make pulp for one of three major industries, pharmaceutical, paper, and chemical.


Raw Motes (Gin Motes): Goetz and Sons sources gin motes from cotton gins across the USA. We provide pricing in a variety of ways to fit the particular needs of each gin. Pricing on motes from year to year can be volatile. If you have motes to sell and think the time could be right to sell all or even part of your crop, give us a call. Our buyers will offer prices on days when the competition will not. We can also structure deals that can move with the market during the season.

Reginned Motes (Regins): Goetz and Sons offers a wide variety of regins including Texas, Mid South, and Southeastern varieties. Our regins have a versatile range of uses from spinning to non-woven applications. Our customers around the world depend on Goetz and Sons for quality product delivered on grade. Independent testing of samples insures that grade parameters are kept.


Goetz & Sons, Inc. offers cotton linter pulp for all following applications:

  • Currency & Bank Note Grade

  • Technical Paper & Filter Grade

  • Chemical Ether Grade

  • Acetate Grade and Nitrocellulose & Lacquer Grade


Pulp Packing Conditions are as follows:

  • Flock bale, 65kg +/- 5kg

  • Sheeted bale, 150 – 180 kg/Bale, sheet size 600mm X 800mm

  • Roll: per customer requirement


Goetz & Sons can offer a wide variety of polyester staple fibers for various non-woven applications:

  • Conjugated or regular crimp

  • Low melt bicomponent fiber

  • Regenerated quality or virgen quality

  • Hollow fiber or solid fiber

  • Dry, slick, or siliconized finishes

We have reliable relationships of long standing with manufacturers in the Far East.


Goetz & Sons has seasoned textile professionals on staff. We are domestic and international traders of textile fibers and textile waste products. If you have something of interest to sell or you are trying to source fibers or textile products, please give us a call. Recent traded items include: Kapok fiber, knit apparel cuttings, aramid mill waste, denim apparel cuttings, cotton comber, polypropylene waste, wool waste fibers.

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Goetz & Sons, Incorporated is a global market leader of cotton linters, cotton regins, gin motes, cotton waste, and other textile related products. We are an independent, family run US company, with extensive international business experience, long-standing relationships, and important connections in many parts of the world.

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